European Blitz and Rapid
Chess Championship
17th-19th December 2021

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About Katowice

Katowice - Metropolis, which is worth to visit!

Main Organizer - Host City

Katowice is one of the fastest growing polish cities. Capital city of almost 5-milion people voivodeship, good communicated with rest of the Europe.

Young city is advertising by slogan „Katowice. For change” which visual sit eis presented by heart logotype. It is launching two sites of the city – traditional with industrial heritage and modern – creative and economically strong. Center of metropolis, passed a deep restructuring in a short time. Services of modern technologies became the most important parts of economy. The other important site of the city is culture, which was confirmed by UNESCO, giving Katowice title of UNESCO Creative City in music.

You are welcome to visit Katowice!

Katowice is one of the fastest developing cities.

Honorary Patronage

Prime Minister of Poland


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Śląski Związek Szachowy został założony w 1924 roku. Nasza misja to rozwój i popularyzacja królewskiej gry oraz koordynacja działań klubów i sekcji szachowych z terenu całego województwa śląskiego ze szczególnym uwzględnieniem wyczynu sportowego.


ul. 1 Maja 24
40-287 Katowice



Andrzej Matusiak - President of Silesian Chess Federation
+48 607 739 843